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[Snapshot Henchman] The Realm of Torment

I've been waiting to do the Realm of Torment for aaaages, and not just because it means Nightfall is done and dusted. Torment is WEIRD, and yet it still looks like a believable landscape. Yes, bits of it are made out of intestines and giant scorpion tails, but for a region that is so completely other-worldly, completely weird, it's real. It's not the stereotypical computer game chaotic darkness with neon lights. Everything's just that little bit off kilter, then you look closer...

The design team must love taking places you know and just throwing death and destruction at them. They haven't done it since Ascalon, so they must've loved Nightfall.

SO COOL. How can you not love Torment? This place is awesome.

Here you go, the region at least three people have been wanting me to do, Domain of Pain. Or, as my fellow Aussie guildie and I like to call it, the House of PAAAAAIN. There's a football ground in Perth nicknamed that, and we both did this mission the first time with each other. We soon came to the realisation that it looked like the insides of a giant meat pie. Let me tell you, it's bloody hard to make the inside of a meat pie look nice. In the thumbnails, you can almost think it's interesting pink cave formations, then you look closer and OH GOD IT'S INTESTINES.

Domain of Fear is one of my favourite places. They made Fear out of giant creepy crawlies, how brilliant is that?

Domain of Secrets, easily my favourite spot in Torment. It's green and purple, people. What's not to love?

This place is just epic. RED sky, RED... stuff underfoot, eerie smoke that must surely be toxic...

...and then you look closer and HALF OF IT'S UPSIDE DOWN. I never noticed this before. Look under the bridge there. Messes with your mind a bit once you notice it, doesn't it?

And another one. Cool pointy rock formation things, look closer, and they have teeth and gums and they're giant mouths. Torment is fricking weird.

And thus concludes Torment, and with it, Nightfall. Elona is a beautiful land, lacking a bit in variation (you've basically got yellow desert, red desert and ostentatious desert) but delve a little deeper and you'll find its treasures. The Crystal Desert had always been my favourite place in Tyria, so to make much of Elona in the same vein makes me a happy little snapshot henchman.

Just the Battle Isles and the Guild Halls to go, which I can hopefully knock off in one sitting. At least the time consuming part of clearing everything is over, that's a relief.
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