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[Snapshot Henchman]

[Snapshot Henchman]And we're done :D Battle Isles and Guild Halls are uploaded and lovely, and with only about a hundred shots for each, you don't really need a highlights package. Just know they're all there for viewing :D

You all thought I was insane starting on this two and a half years ago. I think I've just confirmed that yes, yes I am.

Still missing are the dungeons, Domain of Anguish, Shadow Nexus, the Underworld, Sorrow's Furnace and anything PvP. These ones, if they're done at all, will only ever be done casually, like I did the Fissure of Woe and Urgoz's Warren, for example. Basically, if my Alliance goes there and I tag along, I'll take shots, but I won't be holding them up. I don't do PvP at all ('cept a little dabbling in the Jade Quarry when I want points) so they'll never be touched.

If anyone wants to donate to the cause, either in those regions or any that have already been done, go right ahead!

Thanks to all who've been following the progress of this little epic endeavour of mine, it's made it all feel worth it :D

Merry Christmas from the Christmassiest ranger :D
And yes, of course I'll be back for GW2. We established years ago that I was insane.

(Oh, and for the curious, six thousand and fifteen.)
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