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Any Questions?

I was over at ArenaNet last week and got to hang out with both past and current ANet employees. I asked Ree (one of the ladies in the video here) that if I got some questions from the Live Journal community would she be willing to get them answered. Being an ex-LJer she said she'd love to, and if it's something she can't answer herself she'll pass it on to someone who can.

So for a week I'd like to consolidate any questions that you guys might have. The only caveat to this is that I must insist that you at least be non-combative about your question. This is not something for you to troll, or a soapbox for you to stand on. Other than that, go nuts.

The answers for the poll are viewable only by me, but the comments are unscreened. This will allow for both questions you don't care who all sees as well as ones you feel you have but don't wish for other members to 'gang up' on you.

Poll #1770460 Questions!

If you could ask ArenaNet anything what would it be?

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