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Working on Tactics for Thirsty River

My Girlfriend and I worked some more on the Elona Reach solution... and came up with something that worked for us (which henchies).  Updated my last post, you can see it here.   

So now I'm working on the other thorn in the side of my guildmates, which is Thirsty River.  And here's what i've found so far:

Its pretty easy, as long as:
1. Take along interrupts to deal with the Monk Priests so they can't heal themselves and you can kill them quickly.
2. 2nd person take along even more interrupts to deal with the Monk Boss in the 1st fight of the 3rd pit. 
3. Kill things in 2-minute intervals.  That means, if you get done soon, wait till the next 2 minute interval and then go forth and kill.
4. Do not go in to kill the Priest at first.  Instead, kill stuff outside till about 1 minute 10 seconds in, 50 seconds to go -- usually can kill almost everything outside in that much time.  Then, 50 seconds to kill the priest before he resurrects everybody.  That way, won't get 0wn3d while attempting to kill the priest.

Doing this with henchies, I had to be careful to keep my focus on a single person without switching to get them killed off quickly.   However, with just myself, wasn't able to interrupt both the monk boss and priest at the same time, and so couldn't kill off the enemy priest in time, and lost.  I am looking forward to doing this with my guild; once again, I will edit this in place if I need to, as the solution progresses.

This time, however, i'm posting it in "guildwars", and linking from the other community here.   That way, can get more relevant feedback and additional tips.

(tomorrow, my guild is doing Elona Reach.  Looking forward to the results!)
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