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Who's playing around with all of the new stuff after the Dervish update last week?

My main is my Dervish, and I never had any troubles with her before (finished vanquishing Elona a few weeks ago, laziness has prevented me from vanquishing everything else yet). But, wow. It was kind of annoying logging in and my usual build being suddenly crap, but I'm having fun coming up with new combinations. I've re-vanquished half of Vabbi with my experimenting and my vanquish times are much shorter than before - Forum Highlands was the longest so far, with about 50 minutes; average is about half an hour.

I was skeptical when the preview was released, and groaned about having to relearn how to play. But overall I'm enjoying it, even if I still dislike adrenaline (such an imprecise concept, it annoys me). Especially as this has given me an excuse to use Melonni again and two Dervishes in a team means things die. Stupidly fast.

Also, flash enchantments are win :D
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I'm still digesting that on average, a Dervish with an enchantment will have about 82 armor, give or take. If it is using one that gives armor (say Armor of Earth from Ele lines) it could get even higher.

I'm not sure if I like that or not.
I don't think most people will put 12 points into Mysticism, unless they're planning on doing a straight Myst/Scythe split; the number of amazing skills in Earth and Wind Prayers makes it pretty unlikely. I go 12+3 Scythe, 9+1 Mysticism, and 9+1 Earth Prayers myself right now.

However, I see no problem with a front-line fighter having ~80 armor. Warriors are at that by default and 100 armor against physical damage. Just about every Assassin ever runs Critical Agility which winds them up about 85 armor.

People were able to have disturbingly high armor amounts on a Derv before the update - ever come across someone using Avatar of Balthazar with Armor of Earth? I have (my brother). I think stuff like that will lose out in popularity because of the fact that the cost isn't lowered by Mysticism, it's got a cast time, and it's harder to cancel out the lowered movement speed.

But overall, no reason why a front-line melee profession shouldn't have the ability to have high armor.
Oh, no, don't get me wrong. I think a frontline fighter should have 80 armor minimum. I'm just surprised they finally caught up to the concept.


7 years ago

Same as you, when I read the changes on the wiki, I was less than thrilled.
However, by slightly altering my existing builds, I suddenly found my dervish to be an AoE monster O__O Yellow numbers everywhere ! Also, 10+1+1 in Mysticism is awesome O_O
Alseo, now I have an excuse to love Earth Prayers even more -^__^- (I have yet to try Wind Prayers though...)
I right now am going 12+2+1 Scythe, 9+1 Mysticism, and 9+1 Earth Prayers. I used to use Wind Prayers (Zealous Vow for the win) but after the change I like the flash enchantments in EP so much better.
I have 11+1 Scythe Mastery and 10+1 Earth Prayers (or the contrary, it really depends, I haven't found yet what I find more effective... but I rely more or enchantments than scythe for damage^^)

Earth Prayers did get pretty awesome changes, I'm so happy <3
But Wind Prayers now sound like an interesting option.
So all in all, that was a good update to fire again our interest for dervishes <3


7 years ago

Adrenaline is awesome, I'm glad it was given to dervishes tbh. Besides which, with good positioning you can build adrenaline on a scythe pretty damn fast. Also, adrenaline is one of the *best* concepts in Guild Wars, balance wise. ;)

Haven't gone to PvE land with my dervish yet, I only need to finish Title Hunter and then I'm done with PvE titles for ever. They're ridiculously strong in PvP too, Avatar of Grenth is about to receive a might nerf in the near future.


February 22 2011, 16:59:08 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  February 22 2011, 17:00:01 UTC

I just can't stand adrenaline - it's so imprecise! Two adrenal skills on my bar, and sometimes while the one with the higher number is charged and the one with the lower amount isn't, sometimes a certain number of hits is enough and other times it's annoys me immensely.

I never bother with PvP besides the occasional FA/JQ, I just find it so boring and un-fun.

(sorry for the edits - I can make sense, I promise!)


February 22 2011, 18:41:44 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  February 22 2011, 18:47:03 UTC

It just looks imprecise. It's just you can't see an adrenaline bar filling up - because each skill has it's own adrenaline pool (hence why a higher adrenaline skill can still be active when a lower one has been spent). They can all fill at the same time, but they are emptied separately. Strikes gained is also based on incoming damage (wiki states 1 strike per 1/4 of health lost through damage), also there's a fair few skills used by mobs that buff/slow the charge rate.

Not that it even matters when you can hit 3 foes at once, kekeke.

[edit because I fail at typing today .__. ]


7 years ago

What Earth Prayer builds have you had success with?

I've been experimenting with Wind Prayers (Onslaught is ridiculous) and my wife (who hates micro'ing enchantments) has had good luck with this build: OgCjkuqKrSIYQXXgWgDYuXlX9gA (Whirling Charge, Victorious Sweep, Zealous Sweep, Aura Slicer, Chilling Victory, Avatar of Balthazar, Faithful Intervention, Eternal Aura) - burning, aoe, holy, and cracked armor has been pretty nice.
OgGjkyrJbOXFx9328qdluOXAA is what I've been playing with - For Great Justice!, Heart of Fury, Vow of Strength, Sand Shards, Staggering Force, Pious Assault, Reap Impurities, and then the last skill can be whatever you want. I was using Lightbringer's Gaze yesterday when we were messing about in Domain of Anguish, Pain Inverter for vanquishing in Vabbi (makes killing those damned Djinn bosses so much easier), and then I'm playing around with either Eternal Aura or Zealous Renewal for regular play, depending on where I am and what I'm doing.

It is extremely effective - the actual damage numbers flying around are small, but there's so much of it flying around that it drops things ridiculously fast. And Cracked Armor helps a lot. I was able to spike down groups of Margonites by myself in DoA yesterday, it was hilarious and awesome.
Cool - I was looking at Vow of Strength and it was definitely one of the elites I was going to build a build with.

Cracked armor is, indeed, excellent. I love that both Wind, Scythe, and Earth have skills that cause cracked armor (Rending Aura, Aura Slicer, and Staggering Force, respectively).

In case you were interested, the Onslaught Wind build I had was: OgCjkmqMbSXgQXBYPXlbjbdfabA - Zealous Sweep, Victorious Sweep, Wearying Strike, Twin Moon Sweep, Rending Aura, Zealous Renewal, Grenth's Aura, Onslaught. Definitely a bit more defensive than your build I think, what with constant steal health and attacks that heal you.


7 years ago

Hey your personal blog got mentioned by the community reps on Twitter! Grats on a nice article. The rest of the blog was good too. I'll be sure to check in from time to time. : )
Haha, thank you! I was surprised to see them tweet about it; certainly made me happy ^^
When I get a computer good enough to play GW on, it's going to be on like donkey kong.