Lalalala Lana (flyingwild) wrote in guildwars,
Lalalala Lana


Who's playing around with all of the new stuff after the Dervish update last week?

My main is my Dervish, and I never had any troubles with her before (finished vanquishing Elona a few weeks ago, laziness has prevented me from vanquishing everything else yet). But, wow. It was kind of annoying logging in and my usual build being suddenly crap, but I'm having fun coming up with new combinations. I've re-vanquished half of Vabbi with my experimenting and my vanquish times are much shorter than before - Forum Highlands was the longest so far, with about 50 minutes; average is about half an hour.

I was skeptical when the preview was released, and groaned about having to relearn how to play. But overall I'm enjoying it, even if I still dislike adrenaline (such an imprecise concept, it annoys me). Especially as this has given me an excuse to use Melonni again and two Dervishes in a team means things die. Stupidly fast.

Also, flash enchantments are win :D
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