Alessar (alessar) wrote in guildwars,

Happy Anniversary!

It's the Sixth Anniversary already! We're getting a content update later today, which according to Massively contains the return of the Lunatic Court, who are going to be shaking things up in PvP, as well as:

The update coming later today offers fans plenty of other changes and upgrades as well. Players will have new challenges in the form of hard mode quests, a new look to the game with optional high-resolution town textures, and an overhauled friends list. If you're mutual friends with another player, you'll be able to see what map he or she is currently in. Finally, ArenaNet is celebrating six years with six weeks of sales -- starting today, a different item will be on sale in the NCsoft store every week. The sales will be updated every Thursday at noon PDT.

(emphasis mine). Source:

Right now the official Wiki's not loading for me so I suspect they're currently posting some big updates to it.
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