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they can't touch us, or what we have

Some actual honest-to-God WvW info

...can be found in this short interview here :D

Are you planning to have several WvW maps from day one, or will there be only a single map at launch?

John Corpening: There will be four maps at launch. We will be pitting three different worlds together in WvW. Each world will have a home map that connects to a center map. Teams can invade their opponents’ home maps by first going through the center map. So we expect the center map to be a crossroads of combat as each team does battle for the glory of their world.

How are WvW maps going to be structured? Will it be a single map or several smaller maps?

Egan Hirvela: Players will start off in their own home maps. Here, they will be able to take control of vital locations and get a feel for how our capture system works. Once they travel to the center map, each team begins at their own portal keep. From here they can move out and fight for control of various landmarks while battling players from other teams. We anticipate the battles to cross back and forth between the center map and the outlying home maps as teams gain and lose footholds.

And a tidbit about the Marketplace:

Is the marketplace going to be global between servers, i.e. drawing data for marketplace prices and selection from multiple servers, or is it going to be local to a specific server?

Eric: The Marketplace will be global, drawing data from all servers.
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