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Guild Wars

LJ Community for Guild Wars by ArenaNet

Guild Wars Community
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Community for the ArenaNet game Guild Wars. See the website for more info about the game itself. The community is for ideas, information, opinions, and strategies to be bandied back and forth. Also a good place to plan teams or look for team players. As this game is played worldwide, the default language for this community is English. Please use proper spelling, game acronyms excluded of course. Remember that those that may be reading this may not have English as a first language, so try not to be too confusing. Punctuation helps too. Cut tags are your friend as well. If your post is longer standard monitor screen's view, cut it.

Lore behind the game. Will help you figure out why certain NPCs are seen often in the game.
Updates to the game that ArenaNet keeps us in the loop on.
FAQ for those interested in the game.
Q&A post for those questions that just can't be answered by the FAQ.
Guild Listing, post here instead of making a unique post. This way anyone who is looking for a guild will be able to see all the guilds here. I may eventually edit the post to link to each of your comments so we can see all the guilds at once. This will be at a later date however.
Trading sister community for the consumer whores in us. Only trade for in game items. In other words, no real money is to be exchanged, as it goes against the EULA I believe.
old Trading thread for buying or selling. Use the new community for new trade posts.
Member List of those interested in partying with others.
Layout: Hall of Heros screenshot from duality, pic initial tweak by Siona, layout coding by amyty.
Rules: This lists what's bannable here.

Moderator: duality